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Digital NFC Business Card
Instantly share your contact and professional information with a tap. Our NFC-enabled digital business card makes networking seamless and eco-friendly.
Digital AI Clone
Allow other to interact with a virtual version of yourself. This AI clone answers questions based on your input, mirroring your communication style for engaging and informative interactions.
Dashboard Tracking
Gain insights by tracking how often your digital card is used, and the interactions with your AI clone to optimize your professional growth.

Professional-grade business cards

Custom Engraving
Enhance your card with custom engraving to add a personal touch and elevate your professional image.
Premium Materials
Select from high-grade PVC or sleek metal finishes to create a premium card that reflects your style.
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Authenticity on Autopilot
Your PenPal shares more of your authentic self, ensuring your unique personality and insights reach others even when your busy schedule doesn't allow for personal interactions.
Quick-Start Your AI Clone
Upload your resume as a foundation.
Choose the personality traits for your virtual self.
Activate your AI clone and let it represent you online.
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Hi there! I'm the AI clone of Nathaniel Angafor. How can I assist you today?
I'm interested in your work experience. Can you tell me more?
Sharing Experience
Certainly! Most of my work experienced has centered around Full-Stack Development.
Perfect! Let's book a call.
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